Be Inspired in Your Home Office

An inspirational home based office begins with creating an area where you can stay focused. While not all homes have a dedicated room that can be used for a home office, try to designate a space in your home that is used only for working. This way, every time you enter your home office, you will already have your mind in “work” mode, and your family will know that you are working. One of the best things about a home office rather than a corporate office is that your home office can be as business-like or as relaxed as you like. You should try to create a space that you want to spend time in- this will make it easier to ignore the household chores that need to be done and focus on your work.

Start by thinking about what environment makes you feel most like working. For some people, it is a space that feels very warm and inviting, filled with favorite photos and sentimental objects. For others, it can be important to fill their home based office with things that remind them why they are working in the first place- whether you want to place a few pictures of loved ones, a photo of a “dream” car or home, a snapshot of a favorite vacation spot, or anything else that will help keep you motivated. Think about what your goals are and build your space around that.

If you are the type of person who feels best working in a clean, uncluttered space, you will need to spend some time organizing your office each day. Start by purchasing some organizational tools, home office ideas include everything from beautiful file folders to chic desk organizers. Then, at the end of each day, spend ten minutes cleaning the clutter from your desk and office area so that you will have a clutter-free start for the next day. People who love organization would be smart to invest in books about home office organization so that they can be inspired by the ideas these books provide.

Another part of creating a successful home office environment is to create a schedule that will help keep you on task. For example, decide that you will spend the first portion of your day answering emails or returning calls. Just like a regular office, a home office should have rituals that tell your mind it is time to focus on work. Even a “get to work” ritual that is as simple as brewing a cup of coffee and thinking about what you want to accomplish during that day can be a good way to get your mind on work. Many people find that by using some type of tracking system in their home office – such as a to-do list on a white board or a checklist that is visible at all times- can help you stay on task and motivated.

At the end of the day, remember that like any other job, it is time to leave your work behind and focus on your family and your personal life. You will be more inspired to work when you take the time to stop working and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Smart Women Are Like Christopher Columbus

“Mom, when we get home I need to show you something really cool!” exclaimed my 8-year-old son Jack when I picked him up from school the other day. When we got home, he opened his backpack, pulled out his Social Studies book, opened it up to the last few pages and said–“Look, isn’t this cool?” Jack had discovered the “index” section of books. Very animated, he explained how you could look up any word in the index and find out exactly what page it was on in the book. His eyes were as big as beach balls. His excitement was off the charts as he was full of delight over this new discovery. His excitement and enthusiasm got me thinking about how Smart Women are life-long learners.

Discovery of a new concept, idea, or perspective is powerful and also serves as a confidence builder. Take a moment and reflect on the last time you learned something new. Were you excited? Did you feel a certain spring in your step that day? As children, we begin with elementary school, continue our journey through high school, college, and then sometimes on to a specialized field of study. And then what? At that point, we may believe that we are finished with learning. You get that feeling of “I’ve arrived!” But have you?

I make a commitment each year to discover new learning environments. I explore places where I can continue to grow and learn both personally and professionally. I do this for two reasons. One, I want to learn about new ideas so I can be at my best for the women I serve. Second, (and most importantly) I value being a woman who is a life-long learner. My children know that “mom still goes to school” because I value learning. I have found interactive adult learning environments to be fun and interesting. For example, I continue to deepen my coaching skills through the Hudson Institute where I received my professional certification. I also look for spiritual retreats–a place to be with others who value the renewing of the soul. And, as an entrepreneur, I’m always attracted to new ways of marketing and growing my business in order to take it to t he next level.

The other great benefit from these adult learning communities is the people enrolled. It is an environment of positive thinking people who have an energy and desire to “grow” themselves. It becomes a creative space for a room full of people who are life-long learners. I see this in my Women’s Success Circles. Everyone is so excited to be together, to offer support, and to share what has worked for them and what hasn’t. I have met some life-long friends in these environments.

How about you? Have you been in any new learning environments recently? Have you made any new “discoveries?” Think about hobbies or areas that hold interest for you. I have a client that is enrolled in a professional cooking school one full day per week. Go online and search your areas of interest. I bet you will find many resources for discovering something new that’s in your local community.

As a busy woman, you may be thinking that time and money are obstacles to your continued learning. It’s essential for you to create the space for something new in your life. I invite you to think about what you must let go of in order to make it happen. If money is a challenge, think about all of the ways learning can become affordable. Local community colleges are typically inexpensive. The public library costs you nothing and it is full of new ideas! On the time challenge, there will never be a “perfect” time to enroll in a course so… just do it!

I’m leaving today for a 3-day conference on new marketing tools for business. I’m very excited to “discover” new concepts and ideas; not only for myself but also for the women I serve. I know that I will meet new people who will inspire me. Think about what holds an interest for you right now in your life. Consider how you might feel when you begin to make your own new “discovery.”

Anything is possible. Everything is waiting for you.

Home Based Business, 9 Critical Steps to Success

Become a successful entrepreneur in network marketing, the most powerful business system in the world.

This article will cover: The 9 critical steps to success. If you choose to implement these steps into your business, I am confident you will achieve great results.

Step 1) Develop a definite plan

A method I have always used and will continue to use is the method of Dreams, Goals, Strategy, Action.

Dreams- Firstly, forget about other people’s opinions when you are defining your true dream in life. Life is too short to be held back by what you imagine other people would think of you.

You will know when you have discovered your real dream in life because it will cause you to get almost instantly emotional when you are talking or thinking about it. Try using these simple steps to help you realize your dream, your true purpose in life.

1. What makes you smile? (Activities, people, events, hobbies, projects, etc.)
2. What are some of your passions or interests from the past that may have been put on the back burner?
3. What activities make you lose track of time?
4. What makes you feel great about yourself?
5. Who inspires you most? (Anyone you know or do not know, Family, friends, authors, artists, leaders, etc.) Which qualities inspire you, in each person?
6. What are you naturally good at? (Skills, abilities, gifts etc)
7. Is there something in particular that people come to you for advice on?
8. If you had the time to teach something, what would you teach?
10. If you were lying on a hospital bed taking your final breath of life, is there anything you would regret not doing, seeing or having?
11. What are your deepest values? (Integrity, honesty, etc)
12. What were some adversities that you’ve overcome or are in the process of overcoming? How did you do it?
13. What causes do you strongly believe in or Connect with? (Charities, etc)
14. If you could get a message across to a large group of people. Who would those people be? What would your message be?
15. Given your talents, passions and values. How could you use these resources to serve, to help, to contribute? (To people, beings, causes, organizations, environment, planet, etc.)

They must be specific to the finest details of your dream. For example if a new car was your dream: what make, model, color is it? What does it smell like inside, what does it sound like when roaring down the highway? Who would be the first person to drive in the passenger seat with you? Does it have mags, Sports exhaust?

Goals- Use the SMART method for goal setting-

Specific- If you are to set goals to achieve your dreams, then they must be written down and placed somewhere where you can see them every day. The use of a personal mentor or business coach is essential to helping you set goals, as they have been before you and can usually shed some light as to what exactly you need to achieve and by when, to achieve your dreams.

Measurable- Goals must be measurable because “what gets measured, improves”. Your mentor will be able to explain the Vital Signs or key business growth indicators for your particular Home Based Business. Constantly striving to achieve these vital signs, week in week out and month in month out, will eventually help you attain the big picture.

Attainable- The biggest downfall people make when setting goals is they set the bar so high but don’t put the work in to achieve the goals. All this does is make yourself believe that you can’t do it, which does nothing to help you improve yourself image and self talk. A point to make is that you also don’t want to set the bar to low either otherwise you will not push yourself to step out of your comfort zone. Again the system and your coach will help with this.

Realistic- Be realistic when setting goals, only set goals that are in line with you purpose and values in life.

Time (deadline for completion)- When working on a time line to set goals, break them into categories. You should have short term, medium term and long term goals. The length of each of these categories will vary depending on the vehicle you are using and the size of your goals.

Your strategy to achieve your goals and therefore your dreams is focused around the product or service you sell, and the quantities need to sell each week and month to make it happen. The compensation plan from your company is the best place to start here, also utilize the training and leadership within the company to see what they did to become successful. There is no point trying to reinvent the wheel when deciding on a strategy for marketing and business growth. Learn from others people’s mistakes and save yourself sometime in the process. Remember your strategy is also going to be what you want your team members to duplicate, so keep it simple.

This can’t be stressed enough. If you want to succeed in any business you have to work hard and smart. Nothing comes easy. The more time and effort you put in to building a solid foundation, the more you will get out. You might start to work your business part-time but you will never be rich until you simplify your life and build it full time. But don’t let this scare you because when it’s built it’s built. Notice I said part time and not spare time, you will never be successful as an entrepreneur until you are willing to make some short term sacrifices and make time to be consistent with your marketing.
A point to note about this method is that you will never get into action without a dream, but you will never achieve your dreams without getting into action. Stop procrastinating and move forward towards your life’s purpose. Life is too short for procrastinating, make it happen today.

Step 2) Invest in yourself
Affirmations are essential in changing you self image to allow you to grow in to a leader and person of influence. Affirmations should be done daily in the morning before you head to work and I also like to record my affirmations on my phone so I can play it back throughout the day.

Some Points to remember: Keep them short 1-2 lines is plenty
-Have a page of these bullet point affirmations and rewrite them daily for 21 days.
-Keep them positive, avoid using: don’t, not, wont, etc
-They must be in the present tense, you should write your affirmations as if you already had all of these qualities. To help you create some affirmations, look and three or four people that you respect and admire. List ten qualities that they have that you would like, and develop your present tense affirmations around them.

Goal setting
Invest in a personal development program that is proven to change lives, and work with your coach on goal setting.

Personal development
I know I have said this already but personal development is one of the most important elements in becoming successful. The education system that your company provides has to be continuing, innovative and proven. The cost of a personal development system and the cost of attending seminars are irrelevant, in fact it is not a cost at all. It will cost you more not to invest in yourself and what I mean is you will never reach your full potential. If you would like to try and make it as a successful entrepreneur without investing in yourself, good luck! You won’t make it, that’s not being negative it’s called taking responsibility for your future!

Seminars (power of association)
In all seriousness self education is the key to free yourself from mediocrity. If you are serious about succeeding in a home based business as an entrepreneur then personal development should be your number one focus!

Step 3) Develop Leadership
John Maxwell says “Leadership is Influence” so develop yourself as a leader so you can develop the leaders around you, it’s the old saying “when the teacher is ready the students will appear”. We are all leaders in some form whether we like it or not, we all influence people around us. So to be successful in your business you must be influencing people in the correct manner. This is where mentoring, coaching, and personal development play such a vital role in your success as an entrepreneur.

Duplication is the key to building a profitable network marketing business and this begins with leadership. You need to let the system do the work and give your down line the space to grow and spread their own wings. Remember it’s not what works that is important, it is what duplicates. Without duplication you have a job!

Step 4) Prospecting
Without prospecting your business will never grow no matter how good you product or service is. Prospecting is usually the part that scares people the most because you may need to talk to people. There are opportunities out there where you have to do minimal face to face prospecting, so that may be something to look for. Ask yourself these questions.
Where is your target market located?
What does your target market do?
What Age, Gender, background?
How will you market to them? (Phone invitation, flyers, buffer letter, bandit signs, and social media + many others) I highly recommend social media training when marketing you business opportunity to your target prospects due to the power of the web. There are some organizations that do offer free social media training to help you grow your business and this is definitely a quality to look for.

Step 5) work ethic
The most important quality you will need to have or develop is Work Ethic! Nothing is attained of significance without a consistent work ethic to achieve your goals. If you are not willing to work for your dreams and goals at this moment in your life, then you have either not discovered your real dream and the importance of them, or your dreams are not crystal clear in your mind. There is no way that you can have a crystal clear dream that feels you with emotion, but does not make you want to work for it. Remember your dreams are more important than your fears!

Step 6) Put others 1st
Bottom line is People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care. The most fulfilling part of a network marketing business is the fact that you need to help others get what they want before you get what you want. It’s the law of attraction, what you give to others, you will receive in return.

Step 7) Be creative
Even though network marketing provides a system so you can hit the ground running, you will find it extremely beneficial to add your own style. You are not only branding your business name but also yourself as an entrepreneur. Trends are constantly changing and evolving in the marketing industry, so you need to keep be open to more creative strategies and be willing to trial them. If you were to look at the top producers in your organization, you will notice that they have personalised websites not just a generic site.

Step 8) Expect to fail
Make failure your friend, setbacks are also stepping stones. Remember we don’t see things as they are, we see things as WE are. If you suffer a setback remember to be positive, it’s the law of attraction, you are what you think. This is where affirmations become essential as previously discussed, because the only way you can change you self image is through positive self talk aka affirmations. This is where the education and support system is so important; you need to be able to tap into resources to keep you positive and to help you fail forward. It’s OK to fail as long as you fail forward i.e. learn from your mistakes.

Step 9) The final step! Have fun, don’t be so serious
Treat your business like a serious business, but have a laugh if things don’t go your way. You will be amazed what a smile and a laugh will do to your attitude and also how other people perceive you. I your always happy, then you attract people into your business because you are a pleasure to be around. I would say that Fun is as important as Work. If you don’t find enjoyment in what you do, it will be very hard to succeed. Everyone will find their enjoyment in the business in a different way. You may love the product, so you will have fun using it, talking about it, and selling it. Or it might be the other way around, You may not be so big on the products but love the idea of helping others build a successful business, so you will have fun, coaching, supporting an seeing others succeed. I can honestly say that there is no greater satisfaction that helping someone become financially free and achieve their dreams. You may have a big dream, and know that this business will get you there and the best part of network marketing is that you have to help others succeed before you will be successful. Whatever your focus is, make sure you are able to enjoy the process.

I hope this helps you on the road to becoming a successful entrepreneur in network marketing.

Network marketing, helping ordinary people extraordinary results! Good luck.